5 Amazing detangling ingredients you need in your regimen

5 Amazing detangling ingredients you need in your regimen

Top 5 Detangling Ingredients

We are going to be looking at 5 ingredients that will make a massive difference in your detangling time and experience. These ingredients can be used singly or together. They can be added into shampoos to add slip and get a head start at melting away your tangles even before going in to detangle with a deep conditioner. On the other hand, they can also be used to as pre-shampoo treatments on damp hair or preferably washed hair before going in to detangle. Another popular way of using these ingredients is to add them to deep conditioner which massively helps the detangling process.


Ingredient 1- Okra

Okra has a lot of slip and is packed with great benefits. If you have ever cooked with Okra, then you know it has an exceptional slip. It is also related to marshmallow roots both of which release a great amount of mucilage when heated. This significantly cuts your detangling time while nourishing your hair with lots of minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and fatty acids. You either heat up the okra or get an okra powder and mix with your ayurvedic herbs. Okra is definitely an amazing ingredient to try out.

Ingredient 2- Ambunu

Absolutely adore this herb! I have been using ambunu for 8 months now and it is wonderful. It can be gotten in a leaf form or in its powder form. All you have to do to this amazing ingredient is add some water to it and voila! It can also be heated as this increases the rate at which the mucilage is released giving it great slip. Another interesting benefit of the ambunu is that it helps with lifting dirt and build up in the hair as it tends to produce soap bubbles when applied making it an excellent pre-shampoo treatment. This is especially important for ayurvedic hair regimen, as its prone to build up of different herbs and oils and ambunu does an amazing job at lifting build up.

Ambunu has great slip, its conditioning properties and ability to prevent dryness allures us to this particular ingredient

 Ingredient 3- Slippery Elm

Well, if you have been here for a minute then you know by now that this all-time favourite ingredient is definitely on our list. Slippery elm is loaded with nutrients. It has a high amount of calcium which is crucial for strengthening the hair. It contains amino acids and helps with elasticity. The slip is nothing to mess with. After using a good quality slippery elm, your curls instantly pop with amazing definition, shine and hydration, keeping their form for so much longer. Nevertheless, it is very tricky to get high quality slippery elm as sometimes vendors tend to be inconsistent with the quality produced (some vendors produce the slippery elm from the outer bark which is pretty much saw dust and contains no detangling properties).  The Curly Proverbz collection contains two masks containing high quality slippery elm (CP Henna and Aloe Masque & Amla and Bhringraj Masque).

Ingredient 4- Marshmallow Roots

It is much easier to find a good quality marshmallow root powder than it is to find slippery elm. Nevertheless, these two ingredients are very similar in terms of mucilage produced, slip and conditioning properties. Make sure to head over to our YouTube page for names of reputable vendors. 

Ingredient 5- Aloe Vera

Fully maximizing aloe vera greatly depends on the form it is used in and the slip one is able to get. A much higher amount of slip is gained when aloe vera is extracted from the leave compared to the juice or powder form. Regardless, all three forms smooth down the cuticle adding slip and easing detangling process. Aloe vera contains enzymes that are great for improving scalp health, great for accelerating hair growth whilst providing the perfect pH for smoothing down the cuticles.  Aloe vera is definitely one to include in your hair spritz, detanglers and deep conditioners. It is  just that good!

Bonus ingredients- Flax & Chai Seeds

These seeds are known in the hair world for their great slip, hydration and amazing definition. Both release fantastic mucilage, high in vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins (Chai seeds contain 23%) and antioxidants which are super helpful for hair hydration and scalp health.

 How do you make it up? Easy, add half a cup or even a teaspoon to water and simmer to release that amazing gel. In addition, both are also great additions to your leave-ins providing the added benefit of helping in decreasing your next detangling session.

 I hope you found this useful. Please be sure to let us know in the comment section below. 


  • Rhodnia

    Thank you for this info! Can you advise the DIYs to use these ingredients? Really would love to try the okra!

  • Tessa

    Oats is also a very effective for detangling ingredient.

  • V EDGE

    Did you mean “Chia” seeds? Not “Chai” seeds? Little confused. Thank you and appreciate you.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been using slippery elm and aloe vera in my henna treatments for a couple of years now and it works like a charm!


    Thanks so much for the information. This is just what I was looking for after my natural products as I comb through my hair at the end of my wash and condition.Few conditioners have enough slip. I have permed hair which also gets tangled. Add to that the fact that it is even more delicate than natural hair.

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