Essential oils - possibly the most potent weapon in your hair growth and thickness journey!

Essential oils - possibly the most potent weapon in your hair growth and thickness journey!

Q. What can you use in order to increase dermal thickness, follicle number, and follicle depth? (AKA GROWTH AND THICKNESS) A. Essential Oils - This is according to man Journal research papers like this one. Not sure now to use Essential oils to attain your hair goal? Don't worry we have got you. 


But first a little info on essential oils. The process of how essential oils are extracted means that the nutrition content is 70 - 100 times more potent than using regular plant-based goodness in your hair. We already know that herbs and oils work tremendously well, however, essential oils are just that next level up.

They are to be used in much smaller doses due to their potency. My first experience with essential oils was back in University when I came across a book called “Essential Oil Use for Women”. There was a recipe for increasing bust size using essential oils. I was up one cup size within weeks of trying that recipe. It was from then, that I knew I was onto something with Essential oils. I also used another recipe for a candle burn, which was a combination of Lavender and Tea Tree Oil. My wound healed remarkably fast, with no scarring. That was my gateway to exploring essential oils.

Several studies have looked at essential oils for hair growth and regrowth after trauma or illness (eg alopecia, chemotherapy, inactive hair follicles). I strongly advise reading up on essential oils as it could be a whole new chapter of care for your general health.

What Essential Oils Should You Incorporate In Your Hair Care Routine?

Essential oils that have been known and proven to help with hair growth are; Peppermint, Lavender, and Cedarwood. There are a plethora of essential oils that can be used. The Curly Proverbz Collection carries many essential oils shown to improve overall hair health, growth, and thickness, from those found in the Elixir, the Golden One oil to the actual essential oil range.


How Exactly Should You Utilize Essential Oils In Your Hair Care Routine?

Note that these essential oils are never to be used directly on the skin or scalp. This can cause a burn as they are super potent. There are several ways that you can incorporate essential oils into your hair routine.

1- To A Carrier Oil- Essential oils can be added to carrier oils such as Sweet Almond oil, Olive oil etc. Add a few drops (NOT more than 11 DROPS for a mix of less than 100ml). This can be applied to oil the scalp and hair, on the skin or seal your ends depending on the type of essential oil used and the benefit you are looking for.

2- In A Tea using Ayurvedic herbs such as Henna, Alma and Shakhakai. These can be infused in hot water to make potent teas that invigorate growth, strengthen and retain hair length. To take this to the next level, add a few drops of essential oils and give it a good shake to properly mix. 

3- In A Hair Mask. Incorporating a few drops of essential oils to either a DIY mask or a regular hair mask greatly increases the benefits of the hair mask.

4- In A Shampoo. A shampoo is one hair product that is diligently applied to the scalp. It is a great opportunity to invigorate growth during the cleansing process. A few drops of the Peppermint Essential oil or the Coffee & Orange glow would be very good to use. Massage the scalp vigorously and leave for about 3 minutes before rinsing out to ensure your scalp soaks in all the goodness.

Hope that was helpful. Excited to hear how you get on. What have been your experiences? Chime in below. 


  • Joy

    Excellent post! Thank you for the break down of information.

  • Alicia Gilliam

    I truly appreciate this knowledge. Today was wash day. I made the hair tea you list: Nettle, Chamomile & Aloe Vera. I am enjoying my journey. At 63 I have hair thinning, my parts are wider, shedding and my edges are almost non existent. I’m loving the self-care you are providing & the recipes!!! Sending you much love, dear one.💞

  • Ezra

    Hi! Who is the author of the book essential oil use for women? I’ve tried finding it online but was unsuccessful. Thanks!

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