Henna Application for Hydration

Henna is an extremely versatile, potent powder, packed with bioactive ingredients. One of the key active ingredients in henna is the Lawson dye, which builds and fills in areas of breakage along the hair cuticle. This reinforces the keratin resulting in maximum strength. Nevertheless, in doing so, it is not balancing out the hair moisture therefore, one can feel like the hair is dry and hard to manipulate due to intense strengthening and calcification.  Thus, it is essential to mix your henna masque with some hydrating elements that are going to balance out the Lawson dye such as any butters and oils of your choice. Alternatively, the Curly Proverbz Henna and Aloe Masque can be another good choice as it contains fenugreek and slippery elm bark powder which makes it a more balanced masque.


How to mix your henna;

  • Grab a few spoons of henna and put in a bowl. Put enough henna to coat your hair.
  • Add hot water to the henna. Remember, not boiling hot water. Warm to hot water maximizes the release of the Lawson dye.
  • Whisk until you are happy with the consistency.

It is advised that you make this mixture 4 hours before application.



  • Alternative liquids that can be replaced with hot water are coconut milk which is rich in fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins, and aloe juice for extra hydration. Another great hydrating element can be melted butter (mango butter, avocado butter and shea butter), honey and pumpkin seed oil which is super rich in zinc.


How to apply;


  • Cleanse your hair properly from root to ends as this will allow maximum penetration of the henna into the cuticles.
  • It is important to apply henna to wet hair as water opens up the cuticles and hair strands, enabling the nutrients from the henna to properly get into the cuticles.


  • Coat the edges of the hair with some oil or butter to prevent the henna from staining the skin.


  • Gently massage the henna into the hair, making sure both the roots and ends are properly coated.

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