Maximise Hair Length with Ayurvedic Cleansers

Maximise Hair Length with Ayurvedic Cleansers

The cleansing/shampooing process is the start that can make or break your whole routine. The cleansing process can be utilised to foster hair growth by making use of the open cuticles to optimise topical application of nutrition. On the other hand, depending on your choice of cleanser it can result in a tangled mess that is bathed in a cocktail of chemicals.

With that in mind, I have selected a line-up of 3 hair cleansers / shampoos that are going to set you up for maximum hair growth. They are not only follicle loving and nourishing but they are also known for their strand strengthening properties that aid in retaining length.

Recipe 1

For this simple recipe, you just have to tap into your ayurvedic powder of choice and some essential oil. For this recipe, The Amla powder is ideal or the Curly Proverbz Amla & Bhringraj Masque and an essential oil of choice. Water can be added to the mixture to make the paste more manageable. There are various studies showing the benefits of Amla in hair follicle regenerating properties, thickening hair diameter and accelerating hair growth. Applying herbs directly to the scalp while your hair is in its wet state and in a warm shower that cause vasodialation maximizes the absorption of nutrients.


- 1tbsp of Amla

- 1tbsp of Shampoo of choice

- 5 drops of any essential oil of choice

- Water

Recipe 2

This contains a blend of ingredients that work beautifully together to not only cleanse the scalp but also combat slow growth and alopecia. Fenugreek is an amazing ingredient which has been shown to be effective in combating androgenic alopecia as well hormonal hair loss. In addition, fenugreek contains a lot of the hair growth essential micronutrients and minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Amino Acid and Lecithin. The Sidr works as a surfactant which binds and removes excess oil.


- 1tsp of Fenugreek

- 1tsp of Shikakai

- 1tsp Rhassoul Clay or Sidr

- 5 drops of any essential oil of choice

- Water

Apply paste from roots to ends and fully saturate your hair. Ensure that this is thoroughly rinsed out. Do not hesitate to play increase the quantity of ingredients to fit your hair volume.

Recipe 3

This recipe is super effective for hair loss due to nutritional imbalances and is helpful particularly an underactive thyroid. Sea kelp is an amazing source of iodine which aids in thyroid issues and hormonal/nutritional imbalances. Aritha has potent strengthening and cleansing properties.


- 1tsp of Sea Kelp

- 1tsp of Aritha

We hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as we have. 


Love and Light 


CP and the team 


  • Cassandra

    I’m gonna do the Amla recipe every week see how it goes

  • Crystal

    I can’t wait to do the fenugreek cleanse. I’m going to do it weekly. I’ll definitely send before and after pics.

  • Sherry

    Thanks for all the info, you are a beautiful soul, I have male bald pattern, it’s just in the top, it’s maybe as wide as a small pancake….. maybe half the size. I was wondering would the second one be the best ….. thank you,I love you for your help, God Bless You!

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