Curly Proverbz The Journey

Curly Proverbz initially started it's journey 8 years ago, founded by Farida Sharma as a YouTube channel. She was frustrated with two decades of being unable to grow her hair beyond her collar bone. She started a journey of research, trial and error. Farida finally started making progress towards her goals when she discovered Ayurvedic Herbs and oils as well as their power to give her undeniable and measurable progress in her hair growth and length retention. Unable to keep from sharing this information, she did so via the YouTube Channel. Farida wanted her audience to reach their goals too without the use of chemicals and toxins, that have somehow become the industry norm.
With hundreds of videos and DIY hair care recipes shared on her YouTube Channel the testimonials kept flooding in. Women and men with various reasons for hair loss or a lack of length retention started to transform their hair, and reach their goals too. However one comment was repeated time and again ... "Curly Proverbz please save us the time and the effort of collating all these herbs and oils. Why don't you make it up for us and start a store." Well 8 years later the Curly Proverbz store is finally here. We stand unwavering in our commitment to bring you vegan, chemical free, toxin free hair care solutions in a world where formaldehyde precursors and carcinogens in hair care are the norm. Our products are not bulked out with fillers, just concentrated goodness straight from plants and best of all you know that with each item you purchase a donation will be made on your behalf to the Curly Consciencz initiative with Mercy Ships. 
 Curly Proverbz make no promises and claims about hair growth. We focus rather on nourishing strands from roots to ends. Nourished strengthened and protected hair thrives and with deliberate care and consistency of use, your tresses may just surprise you,
as was the case with some ladies in the below testimonials.