Can you use the Curly Proverbz Line on Relaxed hair? If so how?


Contrary to popular belief wearing your hair with a relaxer does not exclude you from being able to enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda which is the foundational principle of Curly Proverbz. In fact relaxed tresses may stand to benefit the most from the strengthening and reconstructing henna found across the Curly Proverbz line. It helps to rebuild the damage to the hair caused by the removal of hydrogen bonds during the relaxing process. 

If your tresses need hydration we would recommend starting by using the Henna Pro Strength Powder or Henna Aloe Masque with a tablespoon of melted shea butter and Honey. Leaving in for an hour and then rinsing and cowashing it out. Follow with a moisturising leave in conditioner and style as per usual. The Fenugreek Elixir can then be applied to the ends of hair and followed with a protective style. To maximise hydration mist hair with water before applying the Elixir to the ends of the hair during the week.

If your tresses need strength steep a teaspoon of henna overnight in 1 cup of hot water.  Pour off the resulting tea and rinse your hair after washing OR spritz from roots to ends 3 times a week, being sure to keep the tea in the fridge and discard in a week. The Elixir can be applied on alternative days to hydrate and further nourish the roots.