Can you use the Curly Proverbz Range if Pregnant?

Many women have changes in hair texture and growth during pregnancyWe usually have around 85-95% of our hair in the growth phase at any point in time, but the hormonal changes during pregnancy stimulate an increase in the percentage of hairs in the growth phase. As a result, many women enjoy thicker hair during pregnancy, as more hairs than normal are growing and fewer than normal are resting/shedding. Sounds like a win win. To Capitalise on this we would recommend maintaining the strength of the new follicles as well maintaining a strength and moisture balance of your strands by using the Henna Pro Strength Powder .

Henna is actually recommended for use during pregnancy on the NHS website as a safe alternative for hair dye. It is best used with a tablespoon of melted shea butter and Honey. Ensure that you apply to the scalp massaging it in.  Leave in for an hour and then rinse or cowash it out. Follow with a moisturising leave in conditioner and style as per usual. We recommend avoiding the henna and Aloe masque especially in the first trimester as it contains slippery elm. 

Alternatively for a boost of strength you may steep a teaspoon of henna over night in 1 cup of hot water. Pour off the resulting tea and rinse your hair after washing or spritz from roots to ends. The Fenugreek Elixir contains beneficial essential oils including peppermint, which actually can alleviate nausea but we would always recommend double checking compatibility of use with your doctor or midwife. If your medical practitioner gives you the green light it can be used every other day in scalp massages and on the ends of the hair post hair misting.