How to use the Curly Proverbz Range for Hijabi Hair Care

Hijabi hair has the advantage of being covered against the elements, when ladies are out and about. The effects of extreme weather and general wear and tear can be avoided but the scarf of choice or the covering underneath it is critical to get right so that the beneficial treatments and oils applied to the hair are not absorbed away from the it. A cotton scarf has a higher affinity (absorbtion rate) for oils than hair. So if both are in contact with the oil the cotton will always win over the oil to the detriment of the hair. Choose a silk or satin scarf to come into contact with the hair where possible. 

Once we have that base covered, we can think about the treatments that can be applied. The treatment routine of choice will very much depend on your hair needs. If your tresses need hydration we would recommend starting by using the Henna Pro Strength Powder or Henna Aloe Masque with a tablespoon of melted shea butter and Honey. Leaving in for an hour and then rinsing or cowashing it out. Follow with a moisturising leave in conditioner and style as per usual. The Fenugreek Elixir can then be applied to the ends of hair and followed with a protective style. To maximise hydration mist hair with water before applying the Elixir to the ends of the hair during the week.

If your tresses need strength steep a teaspoon of henna overnight in 1 cup of hot water.  Pour off the resulting tea and rinse your hair after washing OR spritz from roots to ends 3 times a week, being sure to keep the tea in the fridge and discard within a week. The Elixir can be applied on alternative days to hydrate and further nourish the roots.